Try Something New Tuesday – Mallorca Breakfast Sandwich


I know it’s Wednesday technically…but I wrote this post yesterday and my blog just didn’t cooperate. Oh well!

While in Puerto Rico, my husband and I had the opportunity to try many different traditional dishes. Our favorite by far was the Mofongo, mashed plantain with onions and spices, often stuffed with some kind of meat. Heaven!

Mofongo photographs terribly though, so there are no pictures 😦

My other favorite was this dish! Mallorca con jamon y queso. Mallorca is a sweet bread topped with powdered sugar, and in this dish it is served with ham and cheese.

To be honest, I ordered it because I thought it would be funny and fully expected it would taste less than amazing. I was wrong. The sweet & savory mixture that I love so much didn’t fail in this breakfast sandwich, and I loved it!

Of course it’s not a good everyday food with all the sugar, but boy was it a treat!

What new thing did you try recently?

Have you ever ordered food thinking it would taste gross and ended up loving it?


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