Try Something New…Thursday?


I forgot Tuesday to post anything worthwhile! Please forgive me.

So this week it will be Try Something New Thursday instead! And the new thing I’m trying is a food box delivery service called Sprig.

If you haven’t heard of these services, they are basically monthly shipments of food, curated by a different company to meet certain needs. There are CSA boxes which support local farmers and consist of fresh produce. These are great! I personally already shop at farmers markets and sometimes even go to individual farms themselves (they are close to where I live) so a CSA box is overkill for me.

Other boxes are for different meats & cheeses selected for you monthly, wines…the list goes on and on.

I have decided to join this trend with Sprig. They send out monthly boxes with vegan, gluten-free, organic snacks. They are curated from small to medium sized businesses. Their prices do not seem bad for what you’re supposed to get. Plus shipping is free.

I am hoping these snacks please my husband the voracious snacker haha.

I will do a formal review once I get my first box.

Are you a part of a food box delivery service? Which one?


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